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Marcin Gortat hooked up some Wizards fans with free tickets AND dinner

If you're one of Marcin Gortat's 100,000+ followers on Twitter, you know following the Wizards' big man can be quite the experience. On any given day, he could tweet something in Polish, shut down a Thunder agree with Hoop District about a bad foul call, or shut down a Thunder blog:

But one of the things he's become most known for in recent months is giving away Wizards tickets on Twitter, like he did on Thursday night. Usually it starts with an innocent tweet like this:

Then, a few hours later, he'll start dropping hints about where he is:

But here's where it gets fun. Gortat didn't stop at just giving out tickets to the game. He hooked up the fans who showed up at the restaurant with dinner:

John Wall gets a lot of love for what he does in the community, but Marcin Gortat is right up there in terms of his community interaction. In addition to his ticket giveaways, and all the fine things he does in his native Poland, he's also donating $200 for every block he makes to local charities this season.