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Bradley Beal hopes to be back for Saturday's game against the Magic

The Wizards star talked about his shoulder injury and the Wizards' early season struggles on defense.

On Wednesday, Bradley Beal updated the media on the status of the shoulder injury that caused him to miss Tuesday's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. A video of the interview is embedded above via Monumental Network.

In the video, Beal mentioned that he has more range of motion in his shoulder though it is still sore. He also told why he did not play Tuesday, citing that his injury was a "four-five day injury [that] could've turned into a couple week injury" in light of the Thunder's physical style of play.

Beal talked about the Wizards' defensive struggles toward the end of the interview. He mentioned that a combination of over-focusing on offense and mental lapses are preventing them from being an elite defensive team like they were last season.

The good news from Beal's update is that he should be back on the court soon, even if he misses Saturday's game against the Magic. The bad news is that the Wizards' defensive issues will take more than just a couple days to rectify, even if most of the key players from last year's team are still here.