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Wizards vs. Thunder final score: Washington falls by 24 in Kevin Durant Homecoming, 125-101

Kevin Durant returned home to Washington D.C. but the Washington Wizards disappeared losing third straight game.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear Kevin Durant is coming to DC? Kevin Durant is coming to DC! Yes, the rumors are true. Kevin Durant came to DC for his annual trip with his current team the Oklahoma City Thunder and they steamrolled the Washington Wizards amidst the KD2DC frenzy.

This wasn't the simulation exercise that Jake went on and on about. This was the actual game. November 10, 2015, an exact 234 days before the "I'm taking my talents to" show begins. This is the only game John Wall circled on the calendar this month, meanwhile Kevin Durant scratched it out. KD couldn't wait to get it over with, cried wolf at halftime, and never returned.*

Fans from both sides were present but silent in the first half as the Oklahoma City Thunder found their offensive swagger early. A few pick and rolls here, and several KD jumpers later, and the Oklahoma City Thunder are up 18 on the home team. With three starters in double-figures at the half (Ibaka, Durant, Westbrook) shooting 8-9 from three and 53.5 percent from the field. All signs point in favor of the visitors from the Sooner state.

The second half of the game was where things got a bit tricky, not only was Beal missing from the starting lineup but Durant was out as well. All it di was open up the floor for the Primetime Lakers aka Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most of the second half was played by the Wizards bench and second unit: Sessions, Temple, Oubre, Gooden, Blair.

Dion Waiters led all scorers with 25 points. Ramon Sessions and Marcin Gortat led the Wizards with 15 a piece.

Kevin Durant's return home was cut short. The new look Wizards have a lot of explaining to do, hence, the third consecutive loss in five days. Let us pray.

KD Injured in Return Home*

WOW. Didn't think the night could get any worse. KD did not return at the start of the third with a left hamstring injury. Talk about the stress of coming home. He was out for the count, finishing the night with 14 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists on 17 minutes of play.

This free agency madness is getting out of hand. Nice guy, Kevin Durant didn't even want to come back in and finish the game. Blame it on the hamstring if you want, but we know the real truth.

Marquee Matchup Fell Flat

Russell Westbrook is a beast. John Wall stayed on the bench. Considering how competitive both players are, this was definitely one of the saddest moments of the evening. There was no one-on-one between these two, and Wall allowed Russell to best him at his own game, on his home floor tonight.

John Wall's numbers read as follows: 9 points, 5 assists, 2 steals, 0 turnovers. Are we still on planet Earth? Things are pretty bad when your franchise player puts out a single-digit effort.

Russell Westbrook: 22 points, 11 assists, 11 rebounds, 5 turnovers

KO Played Valuable Minutes

I heard a few players refer to Kelly Oubre Jr. as KO, so there you go, breaking news. You heard it first. The only bright spot on a rather dark and gloomy night was the youthful energy of KO, putting up 11 points and 3 rebounds on the night.

Excessive, Careless Turnovers on Pause

Not exactly sure, this is something to get excited about in a blowout loss, but the Washington Wizards left the Verizon Center Tuesday night with only 8 turnovers. Hooray!

Transition Defense

The Oklahoma City Thunder only had 13 fast break points on the night, but they everything else incredibly well. For instance, outrebounded the Wiz Squad 53-41, 27 assists on 44 made baskets, compared to the lowly 17 assists on 38 made baskets for the Wiz. They also shot 65.2 percent from three, and 51.2 percent from the field.

And, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, the Wizards fall 3-4, have only won 1 game at home and could not make a single shot from beyond the arc (5-24 from three, 20.7 percent).