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Wizards vs. Knicks: The BF Community roll call and your best comments

I enjoyed my extra hour of sleep. It would have been better if we won.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards suffered their first loss of the 2015-16 season with a 117-110 loss to the New York Knicks.

The Stats

65 community members commented 1,100 times in our first halfsecond half, and postgame threads. BEALiever led all commenters with 159 for the game. elliotlevy2 added 102 more.

The comments numbers were down a bit from the first two games, but I'd blame it mostly on the kids who were trick or treating, knocking on your door every time a highlight play was made. :)

Best Comments of the first half

I don't want to use a comment I wrote per se, but I did make light of the fact that we weren't commenting at the same rate that we usually do.

1st half halloween

WhyKnotUs, loved your response since it was spot on. There had to be a Trick of Treater and possibly a home game effect on things.

Best Comment of the second half

One of the reasons why the Wizards lost this game was turnovers. Washington committed 17 for the night, many at just the wrong moments to the point where I just don't know where to start. Another major reason why was the three point shooting. abala noted this in a comment toward the end of the game:


Best Comments of the reaction thread

The Wizards are 2-1. However, I hate to say that they could very easily be 0-3 right now when things could be looking a lot more gloomy than they are. jazzy1 told it how it is:

postgame comment halloween

It's great to see that both members of the House of Guards are doing their part to keep each game competitive. However this team has yet to give a consistent performance all game. Yes, it's still early, but the turnovers we've seen in these first three games are still a concern.

Final Thoughts

It's a bummer that the Wizards didn't take care of business on Halloween. Fortunately, they have a few days off before they host the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday when they can re-tune their pace-and-space offense and defensive schemes.