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Top stories of the week: The offense Wizards fans always wanted, GunGate, and more

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The preseason has finally started! Here are some links to recap the work week that was.

Wizards beat the Sixers on Tuesday and play the way we always wanted them to!

Recap's here by new writer Quentin Rosborough.

Umair's breakdown of the Wizards' read-and-react sets is also a must read.

And some guy rambled about Otto Porter who had a solid day at the office.

Speaking about Otto, he will receive the fourth-year option on his rookie contract

L.W. explains here. Given how he's improved over the last year, he looks like a solid piece for years to come for the Wizards.

Two different accounts emerge on how GunGate unfolded

Caron Butler's new book came out this week, and Dan Steinberg got an excerpt of Caron's account of how events unfolded on the team plane and in the locker room during the infamous confrontation between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris CrittentonGilbert Arenas then took to Instagram to offer his own version of what happened, which varies a bit from Butler's version, notably in how Arenas disputes that he was directly involved the gambling dispute that started the whole issue.

Kyle Weidie has a good summary of things over at Truth About It, and as he points out, it's probably best not to accept either account as gospel. Not only do certain memories fade with time, but everyone has interests to protect here. It's up to you to piece together the parts of each account that make the most sense and draw your own conclusions.

Podcasts to check out

Mike Prada (who happens to be getting married this week, congrats Mike!) made an appearance on Real GM's Dunc'd On podcast to preview the season for the Wizards.

Adam McGinnis of Truth About It had a nice chat with Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post.

ICYMI, our latest podcast from Media Day is still pretty relevant.

The Bullets Forever/Fear the Sword Twitter rivalry is as intense as ever

Our bitter enemies / beloved colleagues at SB Nation's Cavaliers blog tweeted this promo pic of their Big Three.

Of course, someone on our staff had a couple other interpretations:

This rivalry/feud will just never go away, will it?