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Wizards vs. 76ers preview: Washington opens 2015 preseason schedule at home

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Hey there, remember me? It's the NBA. And I'm back.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Game Info

Where and when: The Washington Wizards take on the Philadelphia 76ers Tuesday night at 7:00 pm EST in the Verizon Center.

TV: The game will be broadcast nationally on NBA TV. CSN Washington CSN Mid-Atlantic will provide local coverage for the Wizards.

Injury report: Jared Dudley is still out after back surgery, and Alan Anderson did not participate in practice on Monday, so we may not see him play tonight either.



(If you can’t name what movie that is from, please see yourself out.)

Anyway, yes, the NBA is back and so are our beloved Washington Wizards. They open the 2015-16 Tuesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers at home in the Verizon Center and we couldn’t be more excited.

A lot happened to the #WizSquad over the offseason, and after a disappointing end to last season, we know everyone is going to come out ready to eat. Let's have Drew Gooden show us how it's done, shall we?

Anyway, preseason NBA games are slightly weird. But let's talk about what I'm excited to see as the season kicks off.

What Am I Excited About Seeing?

1) There was a moment last season where I became a Paul Pierce fan, after years of disliking him. The moment he departed out for Los Angeles, I returned to my old feelings. FOREVER. Life without PP will definitely be weird for the Wizards, but they were just fine without him before and will be just fine without him now. The emergence of Otto Porter, which everyone and their mother has written about leading up to the season, has me feeling giddy. Having him as a starter (I think he's going to start?!) is going to be pretty fun to see, and as is so important, what chemistry the team will have straight off the bat with him in the rotation.

2) Bradley Beal said he’s done with long 2sAnd has been wearing headbands in practice. That is all I have to say about that.

3) The Wizards seem poised to accept something that Wizards Twitter has been complaining about (and rightfully so) forever: a more efficient offensive scheme. If random basketball geniuses on Twitter are excited about the development, imagine how the actual players feel? Heading into the first game of the season feeling good about what changes were made before the start of the season is key to how the season actually plays out. Be the most confident team in the East, Wizards.

4) We all know and love John Wall’s tenacity to win and be the best. If he didn’t "break" his hand during last year’s postseason, who knows how far the team could have gone. He’s going to get back onto that court with a vengeance. Not to mention, his leadership skills are going to be put to the test without PP in the locker room anymore. He’s a born leader, and the king of the team, and he’s certainly poised for a breakout year. MVP time, anyone?

5) NBA is back, dagnabbit. LET’S GO.