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Kevin Seraphin's shadow is holding him hostage in Knicks tweet

From time to time, we like to check in with former Wizards to see how things are going. We're sorry to report things are quite dire at the moment for Kevin Seraphin:

Sure, he looks he's happy and ready to answer some questions about Knicks basketball, but maybe you missed the distressing part of this picture that has us worried:

Kevin Seraphin Hostage Meme

That's right, Kevin Seraphin's shadow is holding him hostage. So that's not the joyful smile of a man getting ready for a new beginning in New York, that's the nervous smile of a man being forced to carry out his shadow's wishes. Hang in there Kevin.

Maybe it's too late for Kevin, but we can all use this opportunity to remind ourselves what can happen when we don't check the lighting in a room before we take a dope selfie.