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Otto Porter makes a huge jump, all the way to 111th in ESPN's NBArank for 2015

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Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Everyone saw Otto Porter take a big step in the playoffs last season, but sometimes you need to see something on paper (or your computer screen) to really have it sink in that Otto Porter is going to be a different player this season. Today's something comes from the latest edition of ESPN #NBArank, which slots Otto Porter as the 111th-best player in the NBA this season.

Otto Porter shot up the rankings this year after being ranked 260th in the 2014 edition of the rankings. This year, Porter ranks ahead of notable players such as Deron Williams, Terrence Jones, Manu Ginobili and Brandan Wright.

It's good to see people have big expectations for Porter this year, but it's even more exciting to see his teammates are getting excited as well, according to Jorge Castillo:

Porter does not expect to be a spectator for the Wizards this season as he was for the majority of his first two in the NBA before he broke out in the playoffs last spring. Washington is banking on him to resume where he left off; his breakout postseason performance quelled concerns about his potential. With Paul Pierce now in Los Angeles, Porter, 22, is slotted to replace the future Hall of Famer in the starting lineup and potentially log minutes at power forward in smaller configurations.

"It’s a huge opportunity for him," Gortat said. "He had been waiting for the opportunity. I think he’s ready. He’s having fun out there. He’s enjoying his time. But the most important thing, he’s not going to be out there to prove that he belongs in this league."

The only four Wizards left to be ranked are John Wall, Bradley Beal Nene and Marcin Gortat.