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Highlights of Bradley Beal and John Wall combining for 45 points in Milwaukee

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For a time during this game, I was tempted to write something about how it always seems like it takes a few weeks for John Wall and Bradley Beal to get into a rhythm together each season.

Then the fourth quarter happened.

In the final period, the Wall and Beal combined for 19 points on 6-8 shooting and 5-6 from beyond the arc, as well as four assists to help Washington outscore Milwaukee 36-21 over the final period.

Perhaps I was overreacting about Wall and Beal struggling to mesh early in the season, though it's worth giving Ramon Sessions, Jared Dudley and even Nene some credit for helping turn the tide in this game as well.

If you want just the highlight of John Wall's ridiculous three to beat the shot clock, James Herbert of CBS Sports has you covered:

If you're looking for supercut of Beal's best plays from the game, Dan Magaha has you covered: