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Who wins in a dance-off, John Wall or Stefanie Dolson?

Both professional basketball teams in D.C. have a player who can bust out a few moves. It's time to put John Wall and Stefanie Dolson on the floor to battle it out!

Dance-offs can be a crowd pleaser. When a really good one is caught on video, they can go viral. Earlier this week, the world had a chance to see the latter.

This past Monday, the D.C. police was called to break up a group of fighting teens. Afterward, a female officer told a crowd to leave. Ultimately, there was a dialogue that led to an epic dance-off which you can see embedded below:

It's hard for me to pick a winner, but my vote goes to the police officer. She has to make those moves while wearing a heavy belt with a firearm, handcuffs, and radio. She also has to wear a bulletproof vest underneath her shirt.

Watching that video also made me think about two things. First, like a number of media outlets indicated, the dance-off shows the police in a positive light. More importantly, it shows the officer as a person and one who is building positive connections with the community. But it also made me think about dance-offs between basketball players here in our city.

As you are all aware, John Wall has shown his fair share of moves over the years:

While I'm sure he'll do well in any dance-off, the man's not alone.

Mystics All-Star center Stefanie Dolson is also known for dancing. In fact, she may be better known for dancing than Wall is.

Recently, Wizards in-game hosts Rodney Rikai and Gia Peppers stated on the record Dolson knocked out G-Wiz in a dance off last August. Sure, Dolson literally knocked G-Wiz out, but my vote still goes to her anyway:

Again Dolson's dance moves aren't anything new. Especially if you're a fan of the UConn Huskies.

You see, Dolson has been known for doing this since she was a freshman in college. Hell, she may have been in dance-offs since preschool! Check this out from the YouTube channel of former UConn basketball player Caroline Doty:

And I didn't even get to the 2014 Jimmy Fallon dance-off yet.

My take on this? Someone at Monumental Sports: Get Wall and Dolson to dance-off the next time they see each other. It is a battle that I'm sure D.C. basketball fans will be excited to see.

Who do you think would win in a dance-off between these two D.C. basketball stars? Wall or Dolson? Vote in the poll below!