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Top stories for the week: Wizards win season debut, food promotions, and so much more

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We're finally back in business for real!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's the first week of the regular season and we're about to head into the Halloween weekend which includes the Wizards' home opener.

Let's get to our top stories about the Wizards as well as some other links that may also be of interest to you. The only disclaimer I have is that this post will be long, but not as long as that 4,752-word post earlier this week about 33 predictions for the Wizards' season.

Wizards won on Wednesday vs. the Magic on Randy Wittman's 56th birthday, play two more games this weekend

An 88-87 win wasn't pretty and we didn't get half off our pizzas on Thursday. But at least we got Egg McMuffins and a W in the standings. Click here for our StoryStream, which includes a recap, John Wall's game-winning shot, and a roundup of your best comments in our GameThreads. You'll even have a chance to vote on what your favorite type of pancake is.

Wednesday was also Randy Wittman's 56th birthday. The Wizards celebrated in the locker room after the win:

There's also this snapshot of a Magic fan unintentionally grabbing Ramon Sessions' derriere for what it's worth...

The Wizards play the Milwaukee Bucks on the road tonight at 8 p.m. ET to kick off their first back-to-back for the season. Here's the preview. Tomorrow, or on Halloween Saturday, the Wizards will play the Knicks in their home opener.

I know some kids who are going to the game may be bummed out because they can't go trick or treating. But back in 2009, the Wizards also had their home opener on Halloween. On that day, they had open boxes full of a wide variety of candies and kids grabbed at least twice as much candy as they normally would during a round of trick or treating. I have a feeling that we may see more of the same this season.

R.I.P. Flip Saunders

On Sunday, the Timberwolves' head coach and former Wizards head coach passed away after battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma during the offseason. Many Wizards players, including Wall gave their condolences via social media.

I'll reiterate what I said last week that I always felt that Saunders was a very good coach. Unfortunately, his time in Washington was during an unusually turbulent era of the franchise and he never got to be part of the Wizards as we have known them over the past couple seasons.

There is no memorial set for Saunders yet according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune earlier this week. However, the Timberwolves have unveiled a patch that their players will wear in his honor for the season.

Wall is the 10th most valuable player in the NBA, according to Five Thirty Eight. Beal's also 20th!

Click here to read more as to why Wall outranked some other notable point guards, like Kyrie Irving (11th) and Damian Lillard (12th). These purely statistical rankings tend to favor usage and assist percentages which Wall ranks really high on. As you might have guessed, Wall's defensive +/- rating also was in a much higher percentile ranking than both Irving and Lillard who were below average.

Beal also cracked the Top-20, albeit at the 20th spot. His usage percentage ranks very high and he also outranked some other young players like Gordon Hayward (22nd), Rudy Gobert (23rd), D'Angelo Russell (25th), and Karl-Anthony Towns (27th).

Martell Webster is injured again, but he's trying to play through the pain

The veteran wing had an injury-plagued 2014-15 season and was looking forward to bouncing back this fall. Unfortunately, he has a torn labrum that could sideline him for the season if he decides to go through surgery.

That said, Webster is trying to play through the pain and keep his balance better by wearing some special glasses. I'm not exactly sure how long or successful this will last, but Webster has to play 72 games this season in order to have his 2016-17 salary fully guaranteed. I hope he can play through this setback, but at the same time, I don't want Webster to hurt himself.

The Wizards hosted Healthy Halloween earlier this week

To the kids, Halloween is all about those treats. But let's face it. Too many treats aren't good for them.

Otto Porter, DeJuan Blair, and Kelly Oubre represented the team last Monday by hosting kids at the Verizon Center for Healthy Halloween. The three players promoted healthy eating habits and exercise, because that helps everyone live a long and happy life.

They also showed off their costumes and some moves:

And watch this video below:

Even though I just posted links to a Healthy Halloween, the Wizards still want you to eat fast food. A LOT OF FAST FOOD.

Free Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches with your ticket stub when opposing team players miss two consecutive free throws? Check.

50 percent off online orders at Papa Johns with the #WIZ50 code after a Wizards win of 100 points or more? Check!

And now, free Egg McMuffins at McDonald's, even past 10:30 or 11 a.m. when the Wizards are leading after the first quarter? Hell yeah, that's a check!

With the Wizards expected to be a factor in the Eastern Conference and with a faster paced offense, I wonder how many trifecta wins are in store when all three of these things happen...

Former Wizard Glen Rice Jr. was shot in an Atlanta restaurant last weekend and arrested for marijuana possession

Read more from Ryan Grenoble of The Huffington Post.

Sheila Johnson hosted the third annual Middleburg Film Festival last weekend

Yes, there are plenty of stories around the Wizards, but I do like to highlight some other things that the Wizards players, coaches, or in this case, owners are going. So this last story will touch on another topic that isn't sports related, but something cool nonetheless.

Last Thursday, October 22 through Sunday, October 25, the rural Loudoun County town was home to the Middleburg Film Festival. There were a number of notable guests in attendance like Virginia senator Tim Kaine, Governor Terry McAuliffe, film director Lee Daniels, and actress Meg Ryan.

Ryan had her directorial debut with "Ithaca," a World War II movie which she stars in. In addition, Tom Hanks is also in it.

But what does a film festival in Horse and Wine Country have to do with the Wizards, at least indirectly?

It's because Monumental Sports vice chairman / Mystics Team President Sheila Johnson hosted the festival and is also the owner of the Salamander Resort, which is located just off of Route 50 in western Loudoun County.

Johnson isn't new to the world of filmmaking and television. She is a co-founder of BET with her ex-husband/former Charlotte Bobcats owner Robert Johnson. In addition, she was also a producer for the movie "The Butler." Earl Stafford, another member of Monumental Sports ownership group was an executive producer.

And Fred Schaufeld, yet another Monumental Sports owner, was an investor in "Spotlight," one of the featured films in this year's festival. The film focuses on the Boston Globe's investigation on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church over a decade ago. It won the Audience Award at the festival.

I'm no film buff so I'm going to finish this blurb while I'm ahead. Read more on the festival by clicking on this article by Trevor Baratko from the Loudoun Times-Mirror. And click here to read a blog by Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post.

Even though I don't drive to Middleburg or western Loudoun County every day, the crab cakes at the nearby Market Salamander (yes, Johnson owns it) are on point.

That's all I have with this way too long post that's supposed to be a simple link dump.

Happy Halloween!