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Wizards vs. Magic: The commenting stats, best comments, and a poll on your favorite pancake

Let's review how the comments were going last night and talk about victory food, shall we?

Game 1 is in the books, and the Wizards won, 88-87 over the Magic. Let's review how last night went from the pregame excitement to the postgame pancake celebrations.

The Stats

We had 105 members comment at least once in our first halfsecond half, and postgame celebration threads. As a whole, you commented 1,712 times. Not bad for opening night!

Best comment in the first half

I love your optimism, Emmet O'Neal:

1st half wizmagic comment

Best comment in the second half

I know CharGrayJ gave the rational answer, but if I wasn't a Wizards or Magic fan, the Wizards probably deserved to lose this game. Maybe that's what Durant was thinking at that moment when the score was final:

2nd half comment

Either way, I'm taking the W.

Best Comments about pancakes during the postgame celebration

There tend to be a lot more rec's given during a postgame celebration than during the course of a game.

Craig_ gets points for keeping the pancakes simple and traditional:

pancakes wizmagic

There are of course plenty of other types of pancakes out there. pcakes00 had Kimchi Jeon (Korean: 김치전) for dinner last night. It wouldn't be a bad pregame meal for the Wizards now that I think about it:

kimchee pancakes

If you want to learn how to make Kimchi Jeon, watch this video:

That time when Albert gets carried away about pancakes...

When I saw the pancake comments last night, I got hungry though I didn't eat until earlier this morning:

I have eaten both buttermilk and Kimchi Jeon pancakes plenty of times in my relatively short life. I'm of Korean descent, so that explains why I've had the latter if you're wondering. I like both of those pancakes, but that got me thinking about other types of pancakes that I've eaten and also like.

For example, I've had plenty of French crêpes which are much thinner than their American buttermilk counterparts but are scrumptious nevertheless:

Or if you're looking for a slightly thicker pancake than a crepe but a thinner pancake than the buttermilk ones, I recommend that you eat some pannenkoeken (pronounced close to pah-nen-kook-en). They are from the Netherlands and Flanders, the Dutch-speaking region in Belgium. Below is a video of a Chicago restaurant making these delights:

Wow, that's a lot of talk about pancakes. Where do we go from here?

I'm starting to get really hungry from this post and an Egg McMuffin isn't enough for my appetite. Time to wrap this up.

BF Community, what are your favorite types of pancakes? A poll's below. Since pancakes are our victory food, I want to learn -- and eat more -- pancake types from all over the globe when the Wizards win game after game. :)