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Papa John's D.C. franchises will continue the #WIZ50 promotion for the 2015-16 season

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When the Wizards are projected to be one of the Eastern Conference's top teams, have a fast-paced offense, AND keep the same pizza promotion, that gives the D.C. area plenty to reasons to salivate their tastebuds!

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

In the preseason this past October, the Wizards went 4-3. They scored over 100 points in each of those wins, which is a testament to their new fast-paced offense.

However, some fans were noticeably concerned when Papa John's Pizza did not call them #WIZ50 wins when fans would get 50 percent off their online orders.

We took notice and wondered. Are Papa John's franchises in the D.C. area trying to pull out of the #WIZ50 promotion? Or are they trying to make the promotion valid when the Wizards score more points, like 105 or even 110 points per game? After all, a team that plays at a faster pace is going to score more points.

At first, we just speculated. But eventually, we said "Screw it. Let's just ask the Papa John's D.C. franchises:"

And we received the response that all D.C. sports fans were waiting for:

That's right! #WIZ50 is back in business for the 2015-16 season just like it always has. When the Wizards score 100 points and win, you get a nice discount off pizzas like The Works and the Garden Fresh or sides like Buffalo Wings and Cheesesticks. Hell, you get cookies and drinks half off too!

Before I start sounding like a Papa John's commercial, how were things like last season?

Last season, the Wizards went 46-36. Of those 46 wins, they scored 100 or more points 29 times. That was with a pace of approximately 93.7 possessions per game, 18th in the NBA.

In the preseason, the Wizards led all NBA teams in a wide variety of offensive categories like:

  • points per game
  • team offensive rating
  • assists per game
  • assist to turnover ratio

Granted, these are just preseason stats. But keep in mind that Washington's starters and reserves often played very well, even in the games that they lost after their training camp players were playing extended minutes.

If the Wizards can keep this up in the regular season and maintain a strong team defensive rating, the results will pay dividends. One of them will be a high seed in the playoffs and the Wizards' first 50-win season since their 1978-79 campaign.

But the other is half off your pizza at Papa John's! I'm thinking about pizza tomorrow for lunch. How about you?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post for Papa John's or their D.C. area franchises. But you know which website the author of this article is logging onto after seeing the plethora of pancake and pizza GIF's in celebration threads tonight.

Go Wizards, and run up the score with that new offense of yours!