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Top stories of the week: The preseason comes to an end, KD2DC in virtual reality, and Colin Cowherd (again)

Can you believe that the season finally starts next week?

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Happy Friday everyone. We are finally less than a week away from the regular season! Here's a weekly roundup of links from the site and even elsewhere:

The Wizards lost on Wednesday and their preseason ends tonight

The Wizards play the Toronto Raptors in their preseason finale tonight. The game won't be at the Air Canada Centre, but will be in the Bell Centre in Montréal instead. Click here for the preview.

Nike releases a Washington-themed Kevin Durant t-shirt

Jake can tell you more about it. This #KD2DC theme is really becoming a thing.

Speaking about video games, we got Kevin Durant to sign with the Wizards on NBA2K16

The good news? The Wizards become a superpower right away!

The bad news? The Wizards will change more than you might think.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for, even in video game fantasy land.

Check out this read on an alternate universe when the Thunder superstar actually does come back home.

Martell Webster suffers a hip injury and it could cost him

The sharpshooting swingman will miss at least the beginning of the regular season because of it. If he misses at least 12 games this season (which is likely), then the final year of his four-year, $22 million contract will not be fully guaranteed. Jorge Castillo of The Washington Post has more.

Reminiscing the greatness of Gilbert Arenas

Drew Sorrells has a very well-written FanPost that is certainly one of our best. In it, he reminisces Gilbert Arenas' time in Washington and notes some of the accomplishments he did during the mid-2000's.

If you are in your mid 20's to early 30's like yours truly, there's a good chance that your Wizards fandom was re-ignited thanks to Agent Zero. I certainly am in that boat. I don't think the Gilbert Arenas-Era Wizards teams would have been realistic contenders for an Eastern Conference championship, but they certainly were fun to watch.

My favorite Gilbert Arenas moment that wasn't in a game

Drew certainly hit on most of the best moments of Arenas' career. If there is one more moment I enjoyed, it was his three point contest against DeShawn Stevenson in 2007.

Arenas' personality certainly comes off as someone who is fun to hang out with. But I still wonder why he had to distract Stevenson...

Colin Cowherd calls John Wall a "good guy" and has "no opinion" on him when told about his walk for Miyah last weekend

Last Saturday, the Wizards' franchise player missed the Bucks preseason game in order to participate in Light the Night in Washington in honor of Miyah Telemaque-Nelson. Earlier this week, Colin Cowherd was asked to give his take on Wall missing a game for that.

Cowherd responded that Wall was a good guy and had no problem with him missing a game. He even went so far to say that he had no opinion about him or cared about the Wizards. However, Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog gave plenty of Cowherd's previous hot takes which indicate the contrary.

That's all I have on my plate. Enjoy the weekend!