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Nike produces the most KD2DC shirt possible for Kevin Durant collection

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Look, I've never had my own shoe deal, so I can't confirm or deny whether or not big endorsers like Kevin Durant have to approve every piece of merchandise attached to their brand before hits a storefront. But if I had to guess, Kevin Durant probably gets a look at everything Nike plans on producing for him, jus to make sure it's okay before they release for purchase.

With that in mind, it's a little curious that he probably approved this shirt to go on sale, don't you think? (HT: @BoyGeniusLA)

Nike KD2DC shirt

It would be hard to make a shirt that embodies everything about D.C. basketball, from the Washington Monument, to the city flag, to the Capitol Building, better than this shirt emblazoned with Kevin Durant's 'kd' logo.

Perhaps more interestingly, there isn't a single shirt dedicated to Oklahoma City in this year's Kevin Durant Collection. That's a bit odd, considering that's where he plays basketball for a living.

Again, we could be wrong about this. Maybe KD doesn't screen everything Nike produces before they release it, and perhaps there's a secret #KD2DC agent inside Nike offices, trying to subtly nudge Durant to Washington. But we prefer to embrace the more likely scenario here" Kevin Durant saw the shirt, said "Yeah, that looks cool" and gave Nike the green light to print the shirts, because the person at the Nike office most likely to be in on a Durant to the Wizards conspiracy is none other than Kevin Durant.