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Top Stories of the Week: Wizards training camp begins!

Welcome back, NBA!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We're now in the month of October. That means Wizards season is around the horizon.

Wizards Media Day was on Monday, and training camp started on Tuesday

Courtney represented us at the annual event. The most notable thing was that the players were tight-lipped on everything.

Our season preview is here and SB Nation also has another one here.

John Wall donated $400,000 to Bright Beginnings so they can build another shelter for homeless children

L.W. explains all here. Wall continues to show why he is the King of the Assist!

The Wizards are the top Big-4 sports team in the D.C. area

Can't disagree with Jon on this take. The Redskins and Nationals have had some not-so-great storylines as of late. And the Capitals are closer to the end of their window of contention than the Wizards.

Baltimore is a theme around the Wizards this week

Not only is Wizards training camp starting at Towson University in nearby Baltimore County, Maryland, the Wizards will wear BALTIMORE PRIDE ALTERNATE JERSEYS! Umair tells us when you can see Wall and the gang wear their new swag.

The Wizards need to start Jared Dudley if they're serious about small ball

Umair explains why here. The Wizards won't have a shortage of options for small power forwards playing in the lineup this season. But why not have a small lineup from start to finish?

Stefanie Dolson will play for Team USA for their European tour

It's a big opportunity for the Mystics center because at least half of the other players on the team are locks for the 2016 Olympic team. If she has a strong showing, you may see Dolson repping Team USA in the Olympics. Yes, for real!

That's all from me. Welcome back NBA basketball!