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Top Stories of the Week: Otto's dribble, more on that new offense, Anderson's second ankle surgery

Crossovers complete players' legends.

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We're less than two weeks from the Wizards' regular season debut. But that doesn't mean that we have plenty of news for you, right now. Here are this week's top stories:

The Wizards have two weekend preseason games

We didn't have any games over the work week. But that will end tonight as they face the 76ers and the Bucks tomorrow. Both games are on the road. Hopefully, D.C. ends up with two more wins under their belts.

Otto Porter showed his behind-the-back crossover skills last Sunday

Jake showed you how stoked Drew Gooden III was at the time when Porter showed off his highlight skills. And some other guy managed to point out that behind-the-back crossover highlights may be turning into a ... trademark in the nation's capital.

The Wizards' fast-paced offense isn't necessarily leading to more wins

The pace-and-space offense has made many Wizards fans excited. But L.W. pointed out on Thursday that that may not be the case. Ultimately, the Wizards still need to add the right players to fit their system in order to make things work.

In addition, Mike Sykes also noted that the defense must change given what Washington is trying to do on offense.

Alan Anderson has a second ankle surgery

We found this out on Tuesday, and the news is not good timing either. It's not the end of the world since Anderson isn't expected to be a second or third option. But wing depth is key on a small-ball team, and we're losing a lot of it right now.

The Wizards are moving up the ESPN franchise rankings

ESPN The Magazine released the new list where the Wizards were 63rd among all of the Big Four League teams. They are still in the lower half among all 122 teams on the list thanks to an artificially low coaching ranking. But it's a good thing that the Wizards are not viewed as a joke NBA franchise.

For reference, here are the rankings of the best, worst, and the other Big Four Teams in the D.C. / Baltimore areas:

  • San Antonio Spurs (1)
  • Baltimore Ravens (18)
  • Baltimore Orioles (23)
  • Washington Nationals (41)
  • Washington Capitals (55)
  • Washington Redskins (120)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs (122)

When you take a glance, it's safe to say that the Spurs rightfully deserve to be at the top of sports franchise rankings given their consistency on the court over the years. Their fanbase is also as rabid as any in the NBA.

Conversely, the Maple Leafs are ranked the worst because their tickets are really expensive for an NHL team that has been mediocre (though not abysmal) over the past decade. That said, I don't think the Leafs go through the daily drama that the Redskins do from quarterbacks to their name.

Overall, if you look at the ranking of just the D.C. and Baltimore sports franchises against each other, I have no complaints. The only possible rank change you can make a case for is that the Wizards should be ahead of the Capitals.

That list above may look a little disappointing that the Wizards are ranked ahead of just the Redskins on this list but think of it like this. With the unfortunate exception of the Burgundy and Gold, every sports franchise in our region is doing a good job to have a enjoyable product for fans to see on the field, ice, or court. In addition, they are making a good effort to make the fan experience enjoyable which is a major part of these rankings. When both of these things are happening, it's hard to see them rank at the bottom nationally.

The "Light the Night" Walk by Miyah's Troupe and the John Wall Family Foundation is tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Freedom Plaza in D.C.

Earlier this week, Wall wore a special colorway of his J Wall 1's in honor of his young friend Miyah. To join the walk or donate, click here.

BF Night is on January 16, 2016

Read more about the details here.


That's all I have on my plate this busy week. Enjoy the weekend everyone!