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Drew Gooden III breaks down Otto Porter's "Bria Hartley-esque" crossover

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For whatever reason, behind-the-back crossovers are becoming a thing in D.C.

Last Sunday, Otto Porter caught the eye of many in the NBA after he performed a behind-the-back crossover on one Bauru defender, dribbled the ball between the legs of another, and made an and-one layup. All in one play!

As Jake showed you last Monday, It impressed Drew Gooden III, who went bonkers after it happened. Gooden was so impressed to the point where he had to give a blow-by-blow analysis of the play to Monumental Network. The video is embedded above or you can click here.

As great as the play was, it also seems to be part of a trend in the District's professional basketball scene. Porter may have picked up a trick from one of the Mystics' younger players, while adding his own twist to it.

On June 6, 2014, Bria Hartley performed a behind-the-back crossover on Indiana Fever guard Maggie Lucas who fell down and stayed there for a good second after that. Hartley would then drive to the hoop where she made a basket while getting fouled. Just see the video below:

Many people gave plenty of oohs and aahs over the play at the time.

It wasn't just me. :)

And over a year later, people were still talking about it when we used it to get the sophomore guard some WNBA All-Star votes despite having an injury-riddled 2015 season:

After looking at both crossovers, it's really hard to say which one is better -- especially if you are following both the Wizards and Mystics equally.

On the one hand, Porter's crossover is better because he fooled two defenders in order to make his play. But on the other, Hartley made her defender fall on the ground and look totally helpless.

I really can't decide which highlight is better. But either way, behind-the-back crossovers, and subsequent and-one layups seem to be a thing among the Wizards' and Mystics' younger players.

Keep perfecting the art of the crossover, D.C. basketball teams!