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Katie Nolan kinda asks Kevin Durant about KD2DC during an interview about underwear

If you know Katie Nolan, you know she isn't afraid to take a hard stance. Look no further than her commentary on Greg Hardy last week for proof of that.

But sometimes you have to pay the bills, and that means sometimes when you're interviewing a superstar like Kevin Durant, you can only ask questions about what the star is there to promote, in this case, his new line of underwear. Still, Nolan was able to kinda sorta sneak in a question about the buzz in Washington about KD's potential homecoming. (HT: @andrewtabs)

Kevin Durant didn't fall for the trap, but we applaud Katie Nolan for getting closer to an actual response than anyone else who has tried to get Kevin Durant to say he's thinking about going to the Wizards this summer. Maybe we can sneak someone into a promotional event for Sonic or Sparkling Ice to get Durant to crack.