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Wizards vs. Bauru final score: Washington cruises to easy 134-100 win

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards cruised to their second win of the season, a 134-100 win over Bauru, a Brazilian club that's among the best in Latin America, but clearly a step below the other teams they'll face this season.

When the talent gap between two teams is so wide, it's hard to make too many judgments, but even still, there were some things worth noting from the Wizards' big win.

Nene starts at center

It shouldn't have come as a surprise Nene started tonight, considering they were facing a team from his native country. What was interesting is he got the start at center, replacing Marcin Gortat, rather than taking his old spot at power forward. If you needed a final sign that Nene is a center moving forward, this was it.

Pace slows down a bit

The Wizards slowed things down just a tad from Friday night's game, with a 101.2 pace vs. Bauru, after a 104.6 pace vs. the Knicks and a 109.3 pace vs. the 76ers. The pace was still notably faster than the team's average last season (96.0) but it's looking more and more like the team won't be quite as turbocharged as they looked in the home opener.

Oubre recovers from first-game jitters

After going 0-7 in his first preseason game against the Knicks, Kelly Oubre went 1-3 tonight and earned three trips to the free throw line, though he botched a dunk late in the game.

Still, I believe that qualifies as a step in the right direction.