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The Wizards will never give up on Ray Allen

The Wizards are reportedly still making "routine" contact with the future Hall of Famer as he figures out his future plans. At what point should the Wizards move on?

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

After waiving Glen Rice Jr. earlier this week, the Wizards continue to shoot high, according to CSN Washington's J. Michael:

Ray Allen is not out of the picture. He still hasn't given an answer about his intention to play again, but two people on separate sides of the matter have said the Wizards have made "routine" contact -- using this exact word -- since first expressing their interest in July. Until Allen says, "I'm retired" or "No thanks," the Wizards will continue to chase him.

It sounds like Ray Allen is playing hard to get here. The Wizards have been making these calls to Ray Allen for quite some time now. Despite putting themselves out there, Ray Allen has never really come out and said which way he is leaning, or if he'll even come back at all. This has made me begin to worry about my poor Wizards. They are beginning to sound like the desperate guy going after the older girl who is just way out of his league.

I can just imagine Ernie Grunfield making his "routine" daily calls only to get Allen's voicemail for the umpteenth time. Then he turns to the eager Wizards staffers waiting in the next room, "Did he answer this time Ernie?" they'd ask. Grunfield would just sigh and say "No, he's probably just busy today..." The staffers would audibly groan and return to their daily tasks, still remaining hopeful for what tomorrow might bring.

Well I'm here to say that the Wizards are better than that. We have a 24-11 record doggone it. While getting Ray Allen would be a huge get for our franchise and certainly not out of the question, we also shouldn't have to wait around for Ray while we have a perfectly good roster spot open. If Ray hasn't made any indication he's coming back in the next few weeks we should move on and fill that spot with a different talent. There are many other fish in the sea.

I urge Ernie and the rest of the front office to take a long look in the mirror and remember the great words of Stuart Smalley.