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Randy Wittman was great at farting, according to his college teammates

Two of Randy Wittman's Indiana Hoosier teammates discussed his ability to pass gas during a recent interview.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Dan Dakich, one of Randy Wittman's teammates during his final two seasons at Indiana, hosts a radio show on ESPN 1070 in Indianapolis. Wednesday, he received a surprise call from Uwe Blab, who also played for two seasons in Indiana with Wittman. During their discussion of their glory days at Indiana, they spent some time talking about some things you may not have known about the Wizards' coach:

Dakich: Two things: One, Randy Wittman used to be able to fart at will, right? Roll on his back?

Blab: Yeah, but that's not necessarily a special skill, I think a lot of guys have that skill.

Dakich: Seriously? I don't know one other person who could do that.

Blab: Didn't he do it in a tune too?

Dakich: There was some, yes. [laughs] I forgot about that. [Laughs, pounds table] I forgot it was musical, it was beautiful, really.

You can listen to their whole conversation here:

[Many thanks to Tom Lewis at Indy Cornrows for the heads up on this very important discussion.]