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Here's what the Marcin Gortat action figure will look like

Clear your schedule for January 31st.

The Washington Wizards will be giving away this Marcin Gortat action figure, presented by Capital One, on Saturday, January 31st. The action figure should add to the atmosphere for what should already be an exciting game as the Wizards host the Eastern Conference leading Toronto Raptors, who they've had some interesting games against in recent years.

If you make it out to the game, you'll be able to use your Marcin Gortat action figure to stare at wallshold sledgehammersget into cars awkwardlyget out of submarines awkwardlyrace riding lawnmowersrip towelstalk about pierogiswalk pigs at grocery storesscream quotes from 300pose with parrotssneak into Celtic huddles, and drive assault vehicles, among other things.

The Gortat action figure giveaway is one of several giveaways the Wizards will be doing this year, and follows last year's great Nene bobblehead giveaway, that led to lots of great images during and after the game.

UPDATE: Marcin Gortat shared his thoughts on his action figure: