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Nick Young says he hates the Wizards

Apparently Swaggy P isn't a fan of the team that drafted him.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Nick Young was asked about his thoughts on the Lakers-Clippers rivalry, since he's one of the few players who's been on both sides of the battle, and he grew up in the area. For some reason, during that conversation, he decided to unload on the first stop in his NBA career: Washington D.C.

We're assuming that Nick Young has no bad blood towards any of the players that are still with the Wizards. The only two players left from Young's time in Washington are John Wall and Kevin Seraphin. We doubt Young has any issues with Wall, given how Wall posted this image on his Instagram page over the summer:

Happy bday to the homie @swaggyp1 !!

A photo posted by johnwall (@johnwall) on

Nick Young also offered John Wall his condolences after Miyah passed away last month. We also doubt Nick Young and Kevin Seraphin are feuding with one another, because a Swaggy-KSLife feud would probably make the internet collapse upon itself. Since it's not the players, that leaves management as the likely focus of Nick Young's hate here.

After the lockout in 2011, the Wizards chose to give Nick Young a qualifying offer, rather than ink him to a longer extension of his rookie deal. The one year deal signaled the beginning of the end for Nick Young in Washington. As the year unfolded, things fell apart for Young and the Wizards. The Wizards got off to an awful start, in no small part to Young, who was focused on trying to get a new deal, and wound up doing more to hurt his cause than anything else, thanks to plays like this:

We just hope Nick Young doesn't have any ill will towards the Wizards' fanbase. While things may have gotten a bit testy at the end of his time in Washington, we'd be willing to wager he's still seen in a much more favorable way than Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee, Jordan Crawford and the rest of the characters from John Wall's early years. Sure, he may have had some annoying habits, but all in all, Nick Young was still a fun guy to watch as a Wizard, and we sure hope he still has some fond feelings from the good times in Washington.