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More Kris Humphries, please

In today's Wake-Up Call, we take a look at why Kris Humphries should see more minutes, who the Wizards should look at come draft time, and why Marcin Gortat deserved to be an All-Star.

Mark J. Rebilas - USA TODAY SPORTS

1. Washington need more Hump in its life

Kris Humphries has been steady this season. Whether or not his midrange jumper is falling, you'll always find him crashing the boards, trying to keep plays alive for the Wizards in any way, shape, or form. He's averaging eight points and seven rebounds per game, but a solid 14 and 11 per 36 minutes.

This needs to translate into more minutes for Kim Kardashian's ex-hubby.

2. Looking toward the future

Shocking, isn't it? We haven't needed, nor had time, to worry about next season's NBA Draft because, well, this year's Wizards team has given us more important things to worry about -- including potentially home court advantage in the playoffs.

Since there are a few areas needing improvement, namely point guard depth, a backup center with Kevin Seraphin hitting free agency this offseason, and more athletic wings, there are a few names in this year's draft that could be intriguing for the Wizards to keep an eye out for next season.

3. Marcin Gortat should be an NBA All-Star

Whatever seems to be bothering the Polish big man in recent weeks, it should be put aside. Gortat's a huge asset to this team. They wouldn't give him a $60-million contract otherwise. And his overall play and value so far this season warranted a trip to All-Star Weekend as a reserve in the big game -- one that never came.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are 1-8 without LeBron Jameswere awarded two All-Star selections despite a worse record than Washington and a lack of success in James' absence.

Just sayin'.

4. John Wall will get migraine issue checked out

With the day off yesterday and a practice today, which Wall may or may not partake in, the Wizards' superstar will go see a specialist today about his current migraine issue that's plagued him this past week.

(He also has two tweaked ankles and a sore achilles tendon. Is it time for a couple days rest?)

5. More Otto, please

The bespectacled Otto Porter has put together his first consecutive double-digit scoring efforts of the season, when he started against the Los Angeles Lakers and the following night as a reserve against the Phoenix Suns.

As has been discussed all over the Wizards community for the majority of the season, is it time to give Porter more minutes, especially given Martell Webster's struggles since returning from back surgery? The Truth About It crew debated this idea.