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Ty Lawson, Ted Leonsis talk about Kevin Durant coming to Washington

Kevin Durant shook off the Wizards' pressure to score 34 points in the Thunder's win over the Wizards, but couldn't shake the talk that he's coming to Washington in 2016.

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Kevin Durant had a monster game last night against the Wizards, going for 34 & 8 in under 32 minutes of action, including some big buckets down the stretch to seal the win and lead the Thunder back to .500. Yet despite putting his foot on the Wizards' throats Friday night, he still can't get people to stop talking about him going back to his hometown to join the Wizards when he becomes a free agent in 2016. Here's a roundup of the latest talk about Durant heading back to Washington.

Ty Lawson talked with Durant about coming back home

No one understands the pressure that Kevin Durant must be feeling too return home to D.C. and lead his hometown team to a title. But Ty Lawson probably comes closer to understanding than most, and according to Ben Standig, he has talked to him about it:

"I've talked to him about it, but I probably can't tell you what he said," Lawson laughingly told when the Nuggets visited last month.

"We talked about it. Everybody going home and playing for their respective cities," Lawson said. "It would be cool, especially playing with the people you grew up with. I grew up with KD. It would be fun to play with them on one team."

Lawson offers an interesting perspective on the pros and cons that come with playing away from home that's worth your time. Of course, it might be a little hard for Ty Lawson to join Kevin Durant in 2016 unless he's willing to play behind John Wall, but we appreciate his willingness to help support the cause, so long as he isn't trying to push John Wall to join the Hornets to be closer to Raleigh.

Ted Leonsis stays quiet on the Durant to Washington rumors

Poor Ted. During his interview with Jim Vance on the Winter Classic, Vance, like a true Wizards fan, had to bring up the elephant in the room. Because of tampering rules, Leonsis can't really say anything about a player under contract without losing money, so he said the most diplomatic thing he could:

"I just want to be focused on this year and the players that we have. It's really inappropriate to talk about another team and their players. I would be hurt and offended if some other owner was talking about our players too."

And hey, we can't argue with that. Talking about a player under contract is a really bad look, and we applaud Ted Leonsis for not trying to sneak a message to Durant.

That said, we have no problem with keeping cap space open for when he becomes a free agent and hiring his old high school coach to give a player an extra reason to join the squad and trying to sneak messages to Durant that way.

Durant's stats speak volumes

Since last night's game was in Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant didn't have to deal with a gaggle of Washington-based reporters trying to look for a juicy quote about Washington. But he made his own little coy statement if you look closely at his stats from Friday's game.

Durant scored 34 points and had 8 rebounds in the Thunder's win over the Wizards. Surely, it's not a coincidence that two of the players that Kevin Durant would be displacing if he came to Washington, Paul Pierce and Rasual Butler, wear 34 and 8 on their uniforms. At a certain point, the mountain of circumstantial evidence gets to be overwhelming, and we're starting to near that point here.