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Washington could be in the market for Will Bynum, per report

According to a report, Washington has placed interest in Will Bynum who is set to finish off his season in China in March.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

According to Shams Charania of RealGM, the Wizards have put out feelers for Will Bynum, the former Detroit Pistons guard who was traded over this past offseason and subsequently waived by the Boston Celtics back in October.

Bynum has been filling in for top draft prospect Emmanuel Mudiay for the Guandong Southern Tigers in the Chinese Basketball Association after Mudiay injured his ankle in early December, and they haven't lost a game since.

If you recall, Bynum had a massive scoring outburst against the Wizards two seasons ago, torching Wall in the fourth quarter with an array of dribble-drives and transition opportunities. And that's largely been his calling card throughout his career. He's your prototypical combo-guard/spark plug off the bench, with just enough passing creativity and off-the-dribble juice to effectively run a second unit, but a good enough scorer to keep his defender honest. He will never wow you with his shooting, but neither does Andre Miller, and the Wizards have more than enough shooters on the second unit to make his life a lot easier than his time with the Pistons.

But as with all things Wizards-related, this will be a second resort. They're still pressing for Ray Allen, and until he says no, they won't bother making any moves. Still, it's nice to see them put out feelers for Bynum, who makes more sense than their speculated interest in Nate Robinson.