The Move That Can Bolster The Wizards' Bench: Paul Pierce as the Sixth Man

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

There is one very quick and simple move I believe the Wizards can make to improve the bench and it is adding the services of .............Paul Pierce. Huh? Yes, that Paul Pierce. After watching much of the game last night, watching this team struggle against a very bad Lakers team, I am convinced that a shake up maybe necessary. I know what you're thinking, why would we need to bench Paul Pierce? Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. Turnovers. This is not in anyway a demotion for Paul Pierce, but has anyone else notice the increase in turnovers the past month or so from the team as well as Pierce? Or how about this team constantly giving up double digit leads, or in the case of last night's game, starting off flat. It is becoming painfully obvious, this team is tired. They have had a couple of grueling series of games where they have played against some tough teams like the Spurs, Bulls, Hawks and most recently the Thunder and the Blazers. There are times out there where they look tired, especially Paul Pierce, who has been resting more lately. Having a role off the bench could be a great way to preserve him for post season play.
  2. Developing Otto Porter. Although Otto Porter didn't wow anyone last night, he showed more last night than he has shown in any of his recent stints off the bench. The starting line up is balanced enough that his offense isn't as dependent as it would be off the bench. He can just play off of the other players. Wall, Beal and Nene can be the focal points on offense. It takes a ton of pressure off of him and allows him to focus his energy on the defensive end where he has thrived for much of the year.
  3. Bolstering the Bench. Of course that's the whole point of this post, right? Paul Pierce adds another playmaker off the bench that can create his own shot. Besides Kevin Seraphin, much of the bench player are dependent on a creative offensive set to give them opportunities to score. With Pierce, he commands attention from the defense, he also is a great passer so he will help others get open looks and his offensive game is still good enough that he can help get easy points when the offense becomes stagnant.

Now realistically, I don't expect this to happen. Paul Pierce is very well respected and I don't even know if he would be open to the idea, but I believe his scoring ability on the bench is needed much more than it is in the starting lineup. I believe as a whole this team would be better off this way. Thoughts?

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