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John Wall and Stephen Curry to face off in "Game Changer" contest during All Star break

Two of the NBA's most exciting point guards will go head to head in a interesting new contest over the All Star break.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Monday, we told you about the weird beef John Wall and Stephen Curry got into on Twitter, which appeared to be related to some sort of upcoming ad for Degree deodorant.

As it turns out, it's not just an ad, it's part of an interesting competition the two will be part of during a Saturday practice at All-Star Weekend, called the "Degree Battle of the Game Changers".

But what exactly is this competition about? Here are the details, via Degree's press release: (via Jormond Wall)

Curry and Wall will face off in a shot-for-shot competition and fans will help play a role in determining who is crowned the 'Ultimate Game Changer,' by voting on one of the shots the two All-Stars will attempt in the battle. Starting Monday, February 9 fans can vote at and tune in to NBA TV on February 14 to see which fan shot was selected. To take the crown, Curry and Wall also will have to make a variety of shots which will be unveiled at the start of the competition.

From the sounds of things, this appears to be a glorified battle of HORSE. If so, Wall would be a heavy underdog here, considering the two's reputation as shooters. But we still don't have a lot of information on what kind of shot variety we're talking about here. If the competition involves some athletic layups and dunks as part of the contest (Return of the Dunk Wheel?), that could certainly level out the competition.