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Gortat lends a helping hand

In today's Wake-Up Call, we take a look at Marcin Gortat as he continues to make Poland proud on and off the court. We also look at how Kobe Bryant was nearly a Washington Wizard and why John Wall feels the Wizards deserve another All Star.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

1. Marcin Gortat helps Polish family

When he's not helping John Wall on the pick-and-roll, Gortat is helping his fellow countrymen and women, especially military families trying to cope with life after the death of a loved one.

Recently, Gortat brought a military widow and her two children to the United States to experience America for the first time. His generosity and love for his home country has only increased since he signed his five-year, $60-million contract this offseason with the Wizards.

2. Kobe Bryant was nearly a Wizards player

Michael Jordan and Bryant in the same organization? It nearly happened...until Jordan was fired from the front office by then-owner Abe Pollin just one season before Bryant became a free agent looking to leave L.A. The Wizards just never seem to catch a break.

Maybe things will change after next season when it comes to top free agents looking towards the nation's capital...

3. Kris Humphries for Sixth Man of the Year? Nah.

He's been incredibly strong off the bench for the Wizards this season, but that award will likely go elsewhere, though he deserves to at least be considered for the things he's done in D.C. Also, trade targets, coaching replacements, and Andre Miller are all discussed in this Wizards Mailbag.

4. Wizards deserve another All Star, according to Wall

One player isn't enough. Wall feels that one of his teammates should be joining him in All-Star Weekend's final event. Bradley Beal is always a popular play, as an emerging young star in this league, and Gortat finished fourth in voting among centers in the East. But whoever it is, Wall wants to be joined by another Wizard.

5. Wizards face Lakers tonight

Nobody was happier about the news of Bryant's season-ending shoulder injury than Nick Young. Why? SHOTS.

The Wizards (30-15) head to La La Land to face the Lakers (12-33) for the third of their four-game west coast road trip. If Washington is going to have a chance at finishing above .500 during this trip, they need to take care of business and shut down Young and the rest of L.A.'s now "other" team.

Tip off is set for 10:30 p.m. ET at the Staples Center. You can watch live on Comcast SportsNet and listen on 99.1 WNEW.