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John Wall vs. Stephen Curry is what we deserve

Are the two about to become dueling rivals ... Via deodorant commercials?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Is John Wall the new face of Degree Men?

On Thursday, Degree Men (yes, the deodorant that keeps those who be sweatin' from smellin') released a 90 second ad spot with Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry.

"This Degree Men film chronicles NBA All Star Stephen Curry, who is revolutionizing the point guard position with his speed, quickness and one of the quickest jumpers in NBA history, ultimately making him a true Game Changer," the ad's description reads.

But no so fast, Wall - who along with Curry was named to the 2015 NBA All Star Team - said via Twitter.

On Friday, Wall tweeted: "See this video by Degree Men [link to Curry ad] Stephen Curry is a GameChanger? He's got nothing on me" and then a link to a 5 second long YouTube video titled "Gamechanger" published by King Tide Creative - a Hollywood-based digital ad agency that boasts Wall as one of its client on their homepage.


Midday Monday, Wall tweeted another jab at Steph Curry.

"Ok, Stephen Curry - let's settle this on the court," he said, with another link to another YouTube video titled "Gamechanger Challenge" by King Tide, but this time 8 seconds long an involves him challenging Curry: "There's only one way to settle this. Two game changers on one court? Winner takes all," Wall says, before dunking emphatically.

Wall and Curry are two of the league's best and most entertaining point guards and certainly have garnered all the TV attention they get.

Commercials juxtaposing two stars are always awesome when done right, if not just memorable. If you all recall, the Kevin Durant vs Dwyane Wade Gatorade spot was a huge hit. And the ad could have been a sign of things to come ... Remember the "note to self" Instagram Wade posted after KD said he was no longer a top 10 talent? I sure do. Ok, I'm getting off track now.

PS - Wall is currently leading all point guards with 24 double doubles. Sure, Curry is mentioned in a Drake song (*swoon*), but he only has 15 double doubles. The latter is averaging more points and rebounds per game than the former, but the former averages more assist and blocks.

The two are also both young stars (Wall, 24; Curry, 26) with great profiles on and off the court, while also both hailing from North Carolina.

Maybe men's deodorant is what will solve this up-and-coming rivalry!