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Wizards "most persistent" team in the Ray Allen chase, according to report

Washington isn't giving up on the idea of reuniting Ray Allen with Paul Pierce.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

When it comes to players on the Washington Wizards' wish list, obviously Kevin Durant is on the top of list. Second, believe it or or not, is also Kevin Durant. But after that, the player the Wizards have been tied to most in reports is Ray Allen, who the Wizards reportedly expressed interest in this summer.

Even though he still hasn't played this season, there are teams still lining up to try to sign him as teams prepare for the second half of the season. According to Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, the Wizards are the ones banging on Allen's door the loudest:

Just about every playoff team in the NBA has contacted Ray Allen's camp to see if he'd be interested in signing with them, but the most persistent squad has been the Washington Wizards.

League sources say that the Wizards have been checking in constantly to see what Allen is thinking or if he's any closer to a decision. They have been pitching their situation and making it clear that they'd love to sign Allen and reunite him with his former Boston Celtics teammate Paul Pierce.

If nothing else, you have to respect the Wizards' hustle for Allen, who honestly doesn't even really address a need for the Wizards. Bradley Beal obviously has a stranglehold on the starter's spot and Rasual Butler has been having a surprisingly effective season behind him. And lest we forget the Wizards are shooting the fourth-highest percentage beyond the arc at the moment.

Sure, there are other things Ray Allen brings to the table, notably an incredible mentor for the developing Beal, but you almost wonder if the Wizards' pursuit is still more about giving the Wizards another boost of credibility. If they were able to sign Ray Allen ahead of teams like Golden State and Cleveland, it would be the clearest sign yet that the Washington is becoming a viable destination for coveted NBA players, which again, might help them in trying to secure the first and second person on their wish list.