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How Justin Bieber and Drake helped John Wall hold off Kyle Lowry in All Star voting

Two of the Raptors' biggest fans inadvertently teamed up to keep Kyle Lowry from catching John Wall in All Star voting.

Jag Gundu/Getty Images

John Wall will be a starter in the 2015 All Star Game after outpacing every other guard in the Eastern Conference in the All Star vote. Wall led the vote for East guards from start to finish, but thanks to a late charge from the Canadian voting bloc, he'll be playing alongside Kyle Lowry instead of Dwyane Wade.

Despite Lowry's late charge, Wall still won by a comfortable 81,078 vote margin. While that might seem like a big gap, Wall should be thanking his lucky stars Lowry wasn't able to take full advantage of the support he received in the final week of voting.

On the final day of voting, Justin Bieber tweeted this out to his nearly 60 million followers:

Certainly, that had to help Kyle Lowry's cause, but Bieber forgot to do one thing that may have helped Lowry's cause even more:


As you can see now, Bieber's tweet has over 47,000 RTs. Let's be conservative and assume 40,000 of those came before voting closed. Suddenly, Wall's winning margin would have gone from 81,078 votes to 41,078 votes.

But honestly, as bad as Bieber's goof was, at least he helped Lowry's vote count indirectly. The same can't be said for Drake, the Raptors "Global Ambassador" who never once tweeted "Kyle Lowry #NBAballot" to his 20 million followers. Sure, maybe he wouldn't have been able to help Lowry get 40,000 votes in a single tweet like Bieber, but at the same time, no one would have faulted Drake for putting out a simple tweet voting for Kyle Lowry each day. He certainly didn't seem to have a problem congratulating Lowry after the fact.

If you played it safe, and assumed each tweet vote Drake put out got 5,000 RTs, he would have only needed to tweet nine times to push Lowry ahead of Wall. But why stop there? If Drake had truly committed here, and tweeted once a day during voting, it's not a stretch to suggest Lowry could have gotten more votes than everyone, including LeBron, and-

Oh Drake.