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Video: Watch John Wall's transformation from a rookie prospect to an NBA All-Star

Magnificent work. Sometimes I don't even realize just how far the Wizards have come given how quickly time flies by.

The Washington Wizards have emerged from one of the NBA's worst to NBA's best teams over the past several seasons. There is no better way to show how far they have come without looking at the maturation of franchise player John Wall, who is poised to be a starter for the Eastern Conference All-Star team, assuming things hold up, which I believe they will.

You can watch a video montage of Wall's highlights in the embed above, via JDC Entertainment's YouTube Channel. The video is entitled "Becoming a Man." Also a shout out to D0H for letting us know about it. You can also follow Jon Choi, the video creator on Twitter @choitheboi.

Happy viewing everyone.