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Kevin Durant goes to D.C., beats D.C.

Today's Wake-Up Call takes a look at how Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook almost single-handedly beat the Wizards, and we take a look at Kevin Seraphin's long-term future with the Wizards.

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1. Russell Westbrook, Thunder finish off Wizards, 105-103, in overtime

The Wizards held a twelve-point lead at halftime. When the Thunder started getting hot from beyond the arc in the second half, though, that lead quickly evaporated and gave way to show-stopping performances from Kevin Durant and Westbrook, who combined to score 66 points, despite a strong 18 point, 13 assist, and 4 steal performance from John Wall.

Here are your recaps from the loss:

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2. Is Kevin Seraphin in it for the long haul?

This season Seraphin has undoubtedly looked fitter, more aggressive, smarter, and overall more effective than ever before as an NBA player. He and Wall are the longest-tenured Wizards on the roster and the flashes of great play that he has shown during his time in Washington was enough for the organization to give him money to play this season with the team rather than let him walk in free agency. But will his improved play be enough for the team to sign him long-term? Seraphin would love to stay, though he's ready for whatever happens.

3. Questions for Durant regarding future

Questions galore as the pregame media frenzy came and went in D.C. with Durant being asked tons about his thoughts on the future. He didn't reveal anything more than we already know -- that he plays with OKC, and will continue to do so, for at least the duration of his current contract. At that point he will begin to think about the future. But for those interested in hearing what he had to say before their victory over his hometown team, check it all out here.

4. Wale looking to create new Wizards jerseys with...Kanye West?

Please no. No. Never. Ever. NO.

Apparently, as the Wizards' team liaison, Wale is planning on teaming up with Kanye West to create new jerseys for Washington's professional basketball team. Other than the potentially horrible awkwardness that could come from having Wizard Kris Humphries' ex-wife's current husband putting together an outfit for him and his teammates, the Wizards already have brand new (and in my opinion, awesome) jerseys.

Please, Ted, do not let this horrendous idea come to fruition.

5. Hear from the team

John Wall

Paul Pierce


Bradley Beal

Marcin Gortat

Randy Wittman