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Dion Waiters returns to Washington a quieter man with the Thunder

After making headlines about where he and Kyrie Irving ranked compared to John Wall and Bradley Beal before the season started, Dion Waiters was a little less talkative in his first appearance in D.C. as a member of the Thunder.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There are two different Dion Waiters' in this world; the first causes commotion by using social media to show why he deserves to be mentioned as not only one of Kyrie Irving's running mates, but as a player that demands attention from opposing teams despite Irving's presence.

The second Waiters is a soft-spoken guy, preferring to quietly explain that both his former backcourt partner and current one, Russell Westbrook, are solid point guards in a league full of exciting athletes, making sure to say the right thing instead of the problematic one.

He was quiet when speaking about the differences between Irving and Westbrook, and in fact, didn't even answer my question about the differences between the two. He answered the exact opposite of my question, actually.

"Two great point guards, two up-and-coming great point guards in this league today. Both can score the ball. Talented. So, you know, it's cool."

And when it came to the pre-season war of words between John Wall, Bradley Beal, and himself, Waiters muttered that he "don't pay it no mind. It's nothing. Just a couple words," as he played it off and kept it cool. Because, you know, it's cool.

Though when I brought up a question about what Westbrook does specifically for his game, since Waiters does take and make more shots so far with OKC than he did this season with Cleveland before the trade, he responded more candidly:

"He opens up the floor. He's an aggressive guy, so of course when he goes to the basket he going to draw double teams and things like that, and a lot of times, defenses collapse and he finds the open guy."

That "open guy" most certainly referring to himself.

Not sure if I hit a nerve there, but I probably did, seeing as he has repeatedly expressed his frustrations with his lack of touches in Cleveland.

Maybe I'm just stirring the pot here, but it was pretty evident that when discussing playing with Westbrook, Waiters showed a glimmer of excitement in an otherwise dull series of answers.