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Adidas unveils blue colorway for John Wall shoes

John Wall's popularity seemingly shoots up as each day passes. As that happens, Adidas drops new colors for the budding superstar's shoe line.

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via Adidas press release

We've seen them in green as a Christmas Day treat. We've seen them most recently in gold/black colors for Black History Month on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day., as well as redgrey, and black during the other games this season.

Now, John Wall and Adidas are adding a brand new colorway to his sneakers. The kicks will be blue, with three red Adidas stripes on the side, referencing the Wizards' blue alternate uniforms, which they wear every Wednesday during the season.

For those of you interested in buying, they will be available for sale on February 6. Here's what I'm talking about:

Personally, I've really enjoyed seeing Wall's stature grow so much and so quickly during the past year. As for the shoes, I'm also a huge fan of them. Not just these, but his entire ever-growing collection of colors and tributes. These ones specifically are pretty awesome. If he breaks them out tonight, I imagine a very sleek look matching them with the team's Wednesday night blue jerseys.

But in the end, all that really matters is if Kevin Durant is impressed by the look.