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How to get that Kevin Durant Wizards jersey you've always wanted makes it very difficult to get that Kevin Durant jersey that every Wizards fan wants. We're here to show you some creative ways to get what you want.

Almost every Wizards fan has tried it at least once. While browsing Wizards jerseys on the NBA store's website, you've tried to create a Kevin Durant jersey using the custom jersey creator tool, only to be denied by this error message:

Especially with the Wizards match-up with Oklahoma City looming on Wednesday, any ways of showing our support of Kevin is monumental. But how to get around this conundrum?

Well, we here at Bullets Forever have you covered. We have plenty of ideas to get around this little road block and show your support for #KD2DC.

The Straight Last Name

For many people, simply having Durant's name on the back of the jersey is good enough. While you won't get points for creativity, it's the most easily visible way to show support. Here are a few suggestions.

Simply putting a space in-between the R and A in Durant will pass the NBA store's self-check. You can hardly tell!

If the space in Durant bothers you, K Durant will work. Unfortunately, punctuation is rejected so you cannot do "K.Durant"

Got a buddy who wants to show their support as well? Use two jerseys to get the full name!


Kevin Durant's preferred nickname is "The Servant", we can debate about how lame a nickname that is another day.

My personal favorite, Durantula. I'll probably be picking this one up myself.

If you get the "Slim Reaper" jersey, get it in the "Custom Fashion Replica" version. It's more menacing that way.


These are a little more subliminal, but they also show how committed you are to #KD2DC.

Right to the point. It'll only increase in value when KD inevitably says those words in the 2016 offseason.

If only you could put hashtags on the jerseys, this one would be absolutely perfect.

Nuff' said.


If you have any other ideas of ways to lure Kevin Durant to D.C., let us know in the comments.

This guy has the right idea...