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A Wizards fan's last second #NBABallot Guide

If you haven't voted already, we have a cheat sheet for you. But time is running out!

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Just a quick reminder to everyone. Today is the last day you can vote for your Washington Wizards into the NBA All-Star Game in New York City. The actual deadline is right at midnight Eastern Time, so time is of the essence.

reglw22 wrote up a FanPost on how to do it. Since time is of the essence, we have a guide to help you out on Twitter before voting closes in just a few hours!

Our favorite #NBABallot Tweets for the Wizards' starters

As you might expect, the starting lineup is the group that naturally gets the most votes. We have made a concerted effort to vote every day on Facebook and Twitter. Let's get to some of the more notable ones:

First, John Wall, who's poised to start in the backcourt. That said, vote for him anyway! Retweet this, please?

Bradley Beal had a number of great tweets too. Our favorite one was today's tweet, which shows a pic of him in front of his babysitter Nelly.

Paul Pierce isn't scoring at the rate he once did when he was the franchise player for the Boston Celtics. Like Mystics players who were mostly overseas, The Truth missed Monumental Network's holiday cards. That said, I think he earned his excuse:

Nene has been known for some aggressive dunks this season, but his holiday card picture showed a softer side:

Last, but not least among the starters, Marcin Gortat. Now THAT is how to celebrate a championship win!

Other Wizards players

I know we had some SMH's and side eyes for promoting bench players, but we didn't hesitate to show our love for them anyway.

Let's start with Kevin Seraphin, who wore a "Je Suis Charlie" T-shirt in honor of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo office attack in Paris:

Otto Porter improved significantly this season, and we couldn't just have that go unnoticed:

Kris Humphries started in place of Nene for some games earlier this year. Folks (and even many Wizards too in the past) hated him for marrying Kim Kardashian and all, but let's face it. He's still a damn force at the boards:

Rasual Butler has been making threes like free throws this season. He earned multiple #NBABallot votes after splashing the Wizards to victory:

Andre Miller seems like a chill guy wherever he goes. But I swear to god that this smile is a photoshop!

Of course, we didn't forget about Garrett Temple,

or Drew Gooden III,

or DeJuan Blair,

and no, we didn't forget about Martell Webster either.

We even gave a nod to Glen Rice Jr., the reigning NBA Summer League MVP! He is still a Wizard at heart!

Last, but not least, I had to give Randy Wittman a nod, because he is a bit underappreciated among the fanbase:

Other notable #NBABallot Tweets over the past month

With fans being allowed to vote for players on Twitter, it was inevitable that some #NBABallot tweets were made in jest. Here are just some of the best ones we saw over the past month in All-Star voting.

The Pradamaster voted for our ongoing "Twitter feud" with Fear the Sword:

We voted for Papa John's multiple times because the Wizards kept winning. Most of those wins gave us pizza, wings, breadsticks, cookies, and drinks for 50% off:

Hell, I have an entire article dedicated to the art of pizza and basketball analytics!

Former Wizards players gave shoutouts, like Jan Vesely:

Current Wizards players also shared the love of the #NBABallot themselves:

And celebrities also know that John Wall is the real deal. Here are just some of them:

Going back to miscellaneous ballots, we also gave an #NBABallot for Washington Mystics guard Bria Hartley, who made one of the WNBA's most notable plays last season in our series of Kyrie Irving-themed votes just before Christmas time:

Well, If you didn't know why the Mystics sophomore was mentioned in the same breath as Irving, Hartley dated Wall's nemesis nuisance when she was in high school, but both have moved on since (and yes, she has a new boyfriend by the way). Hartley is also from the same town (North Babylon, NY) as Spurs swingman Danny Green. I was thinking of something snarky to say in another #NBABallot tweet after the Wizards beat the Spurs this past Wednesday, but I held off because the analytics behind #WIZ50 was higher priority.

Finally, I never knew that blogs were eligible to be in the All-Star Game, but hey! We here at Bullets Forever will take any votes we can get!

So what are you waiting for? Retweet the #NBABallot tweets we have and send our guys to the All-Star Game in New York City!