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Preview: Wizards hope to breeze by the improving 76ers

Before Washington takes on three straight difficult opponents on national television, they face the rebuilding 76ers who are showing signs of life.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Before they embark on a tough week against five west coast teams (4 of which will be on national television), the Wizards will start by playing the dysfunctional Philadelphia 76ers. While this doesn't really qualify as a trap game, the 76ers are no longer a walk in the park to play. Washington will need to make sure they come to play to avoid another head scratching loss such as the one on Friday night.

Where and When? 2:00 PM at the Verizon Center. Watch on CSN Washington and listen on 99.1 WNEW

Who's Out? The Wizards are still injury free. The 76ers are another story. Tony Wroten will likely miss extended time with a knee injury. Jason Richardson is expected to return soon from a foot injury, although he will not suit up for Monday's game. Andrei Kirilenko is still suspended for refusing to play. Joel Embiid is still recovering from a foot injury and apparently is no longer in game shape.

Are They Good? Not too long ago, the Philadelphia 76ers were the laughingstock of the league. The unabashed tanking strategies of Sam Hinkie had created a team so hopeless that they nearly set the record for number of losses to begin a season (17). But something strange is afoot in Philadelphia... the 76ers are... winning!?

That's right, Philly is 4-6 in their last 10 games and have been beating some semi-respectable teams to boot. Cleveland, Brooklyn, Indiana, and even New Orleans have all been laid to waste in the last two weeks by the suddenly competent 76ers. They no longer have the worst record in the league at 8-32, and somewhere Sam Hinkie is pulling his hair out thinking of ways he can flip Tony Wroten into two second rounders to stop all this blasted winning.

Who Wins? Despite Philadelphia's recent success, Washington is still the better team in all aspects of the game. They will win easily. If we don't, God help us.

Final Score Prediction: Wizards 112 - 88 76ers