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What is "The Best of Bullets Forever's FanPosts" section?

The content you write is a major part of what drives discussion and traffic. To that end, we created a spot to highlight the best FanPosts on the site.

Stewart W. Small

Update on January 27, 2016: This is a good time for us to revisit this post given that we have written considerably on the Mystics and international basketball, generally involving players on both teams. - Albert

We here at Bullets Forever have made a more concerted effort to promote FanPosts or posts that commenters make. Like the main articles that you see on the cover and the front page of this blog, they generate a considerable amount of discussion and are a major part of what makes this site great.

We have also created a specific front page hub right below the cover for you to check out some of the best FanPosts we have seen during that time. If you want to access the page directly, click here to get to it.

There are some questions you may have on FanPosts and the like, so let's get to them.

1. How do I write a FanPost?

To do so, click here. When you post, It is strongly recommended that you type your FanPost from the editor. Copying and pasting the post from a word processing program like Microsoft Word will almost always create additional HTML code which makes it look funky when you post it.

2. When should I write a FanPost?

While we love seeing you guys write comments, if you notice one or both of these things in your comments.

The comment you're writing is 200 words or more - We love comments. But if your comments are very lengthy, they can be their own post.

You're noticing that you have to write several comments to get your ideas across - If you're writing many short comments that are part of a longer thought you have, a FanPost is a better way to get that point across.

FanPosts give the community a hub to talk specifically about your topic, and these posts are a significant source of all BF traffic.

3. What makes a FanPost one of BF's Best?

There is no hard and fast rule on it. However FanPosts in this section share these two traits:

Unique ideas, points, and/or analysis related to the Washington Wizards and Mystics - From player and team analysis to the funny tweet a player wrote, we encourage you to write about your favorite topics here.

Has proper grammar and spelling - Doo yoo want two reed dis all duh time?

I didn't think so.

4. I'm not seeing my FanPost get comments. I feel like that it's because my post just wasn't high quality.

A lack of comments on a post has NO EFFECT on whether we include it in our Best FanPosts hub.

Believe me when I say that your FanPosts are being read daily by the staff and other commenters, even if we aren't commenting on them. However, if your FanPost is on the cover, there's a higher chance that it will get a comment if it didn't already.

5. Are you going to stop promoting FanPosts on the cover now that this section is in place?

Absolutely not!

However, FanPosts won't always be on the cover every day, especially during game days. At the same time, we don't want to see the best FanPosts get hidden quickly if there are many posts written within a several day period. This section should help mitigate that.

6. I am an aspiring sports writer/blogger. How do I write for your site or other SB Nation sites?

There is an official form here. We also reach out to potential writers as well.

But that said, the FanPosts are where many SB Nation writers wrote before they started writing on the front page. Among the staff on this site, Jake, Bobby, L.W., and I are writers who were writing FanPosts before being brought aboard.

If you have any quick questions or FanPost ideas (before writing them), feel free to ask in the comments. Thanks!