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Paul Pierce thinks every team without Paul Pierce is missing Paul Pierce

Before his first game against his old team, Paul Pierce made it clear the Nets aren't better off without him.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Pierce is angry. If you've watched him at all during his career you understand this. He plays with a channeled rage that occasionally veers into the crazy lane. You may not always know who or what he's mad at, but you know he's mad about something. But when it becomes clear what he's mad about, it adds to his legend.

You probably remember the back and forth he had with Gilbert Arenas. He once spent an entire possession in a playoff game talking trash to Al Harrington before he buried a shot in his face. Two years ago, when the Heat were in the midst of their 27 game winning streak, Pierce said "I hope they lose every game the rest of the season." He also hates Quentin Richardson for some reason.

Friday night, we will know what Paul Pierce is upset about. He faces off against his old team for the first time since he joined the Wizards in the summer. Pierce only spent one season in Brooklyn, but considering how the Nets chose to "move on" from Pierce, you can understand why Pierce might be a little extra motivated than usual.

Michael Lee of the Washington Post asked Pierce about the big game, and made it clear he's mad in a way that only Paul Pierce can.

That quote is so beautiful. It sounds like something you'd hear in a Beyonce song.

To commemorate this moment, we've created a simple quiz to determine whether or not your team is missing Paul Pierce.