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Bradley Beal on trash-talking, being the best backcourt in the NBA and PIZZA

After Wednesday's big win against the Bulls, Bradley Beal hopped on NBA TV to talk about the Wizards' success this season, where Wall & Beal stand among the NBA's best backcourts and his favorite pizza.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards are sure clicking this season - and a lot of it has to do with one half of the backcourt duo, Bradley Beal.

Beal, who has scored in double figures in 26 of 30 games played this season, dropped 17 points (on 8-14 shooting) with six rebounds and six assists in last night's victory at Chicago.

Though only 21-years-old, he's without a doubt one of the pivotal reasons why the squad is 27-12 and second in the Eastern Conference.

The Wiz's inspired-beautiful-aggressive level of play also dates back wanting to build off of last season's playoffs, when a tough Indiana Pacers team knocked them out of the semifinals in six games. You know what they say, "Fall down seven times, stand up eight."

"We have a salty taste in our mouth - We were this close to being in the Eastern Conference finals," Beal said on NBA's GameTime after Wednesday night's game.

That salty taste is clearly showing off on the court this season, but that's not the only reason, right? Well, duh - They also added Paul Pierce over the summer! He doesn't, as we know, just contribute in the box score - He's the leader the team needed, wanted and deserved.

"He knows what it takes. He's always about the team and he's always about winning. He just wants us to be the best day in and day out - and it's showing," Beal said.

BUT NOT ONLY THAT - Pierce has made Beal a bit more ... vocal.

"The biggest thing is I think I trash talk a little bit more then I used to," Beal told the NBA crew to some chuckles.

Of course the crew had to ask him about if he and John Wall are the NBA's best backcourt, specifically when compared to the Splash Brothers out in Golden State.

"We feel as though were the best backcourt in the NBA and we're gonna compete each and every night to try and prove it," he said. BOOM. MONEY QUOTE. SHUT IT DOWN.

Any hoops fan should want one of their best players to go out and say he and his teammate are the best. Screw the stats, this is my favorite stat.

And in case you're feeling hungry, go to IMO'S PIZZA IN MISSOURI AKA THE BEST PIZZA IN THE LAND.

"Best pizza in America," the St. Louis native said. [As someone who went to college in Missouri, I must say I do not disagree.]

Anyway, keep it up Brad. You + JW is a duo none of us ever want to stop watching, appreciating and loving.