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Wizards leave Bulls fans weeping again

Today's Wake-Up Call takes a look at Wednesday's win in Chicago and how Wizards and Bulls fans are dealing with Washington playing so well at the United Center.

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1. Wizards take care of business again in Windy City

It's still far too early to say that the Wizards "own" the Bulls or anything like that, but it's still really, really weird seeing the Wizards beat the same team on the road five straight times, much less a team as good as the Bulls. It gets even weirder when you realize three of those wins came in the playoffs. But we're certainly not going to complain.

To the recaps!

Bullets Forever

Truth About It

Wiz of Awes


Washington Post

CSN Washington

2. Marcin Gortat doesn't feel bad about making Bulls fans cry

The best part of any Wizards victory is seeing whether or not Marcin Gortat gets on Twitter to antagonize opposing fans. Last night, he did not disappoint.

3. Throwback Thursday

There's lots of great stuff this week if you want relive some of the days of Wizards past. Sports Illustrated has a profile on Nick Young that includes some interesting anecdotes from his time in Washington. Scott Allen recapped Eddie Jordan's recent appearance on 106.7 The Fan and what he had to say about his time coaching the Wizards. He also did an extensive piece on when the Bullets when they had live dog mascots.

4. Give it up for Randy Wittman

Say what you want about his substitution patters, his aversion to threes, or whatever else you may not like about his approach, but he just beat Gregg Poppovich and Tom Thibodeau on back to back nights. Those two coaches just so happen to have three of the last four Coach of the Year awards to their names. Not bad, Randy. Not bad at all.