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Wizards go streak-snappin' against the Spurs

Today's Wake-Up Call takes a look at the Wizards beating the Spurs for the first time since 2005, and the pep talk from Paul Pierce that may have sparked the big win.

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1. Wizards snap 17-game losing streak, beat Spurs 101-93

The Phone Booth was rockin' and rollin' last night. And for good reason. The Wizkids finally grew up and stepped up to the big bully on the block who kept taking their lunch money every year. The big bully in the form of the San Antonio Spurs, that is. John Wall dominated all over the court and Kevin Seraphin stepped up in a big way down the stretch. It was a lovely sight to see.

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2. Paul Pierce got the Wizards focused after Sunday's loss in Atlanta

Losing by 31 has a way of getting someone's attention, but Paul Pierce made sure to drive that point home on Tuesday morning before they played the Spurs, according to Jorge Castillo:

"I said, ‘Y'all know we lost by 30? We need to get more focused,'" Pierce recalled telling the players, reminding them of the 120-89 shellacking they took from the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday. "I didn't tell everybody, but two or three guys were here and heard it and I thought we were really in tune at shoot-around."

It's really odd to see an old man get agitated by youngsters not taking things seriously, but the ploy certainly seemed to work.

3. Highlights from Kevin Seraphin's career night

If you asked us who would have the second-best game after John Wall against the Spurs last night, Kevin Seraphin would not have shown up near the top of the list, but here we are: