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Andre Miller says he has no plans to retire, wants to stay in Washington

Miller, the NBA's oldest active player, is not only not considering retirement, but is reportedly looking for a multi-year deal this summer.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Miller is doing pretty good for someone set to turn 39 in March. He's posting the highest field goal percentage of his career, getting to the rim with amazing efficiency and on the whole, he's managed to maintain per 36 numbers close to his career averages in his 15th season in the NBA. As John Wall's backup, he's shown a gift for bubbling up at just the right time to relieve some pressure when things get tight for the Wizards.

If you're worried that the Wizards will have to find a replacement for him after his contract ends this season, you can start putting your fears at rest, according to Basketball Insiders' Lang Greene.

With over 40,000 career minutes already logged most guys this would be most guys' swan song but the 38 year old Miller says he has zero plans to retire and is looking to secure a multi-year deal with the Wizards if the opportunity is presented.

"I would like to close it out here," Miller told Basketball Insiders on finishing his career with the Wizards. "I'm just enjoying this [success] and taking it one game at a time. Putting all my effort into practices and getting the most out of myself as far as being a team player.

"So I haven't really thought about my contract situation. But of course I will continue to play next year barring any injuries. So let's see what happens this summer."

Given the way he's been playing, it would be hard to get too upset about the Wizards bringing him back for at least another two years, if not more. At this rate, he might just linger around the NBA forever.