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Kevin Durant asked why people use social media for some reason

One week ahead of the Thunder's big game in Washington against the Wizards, Kevin Durant hopped on Twitter and Instagram to ask some deep, deep questions.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Tuesday started off as just a typical afternoon. Then Kevin Durant hopped on Twitter and Instagram, and things started to get really weird.

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Not gonna lie, at first I glossed over these posts because they looked just like the start of every FREE SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOP anyone has ever hosted, but Durant didn't stop there. In a matter of just a few minutes, things started to get really deep.

We think we can speak for everyone when we say the answer to the first question is definitely yes, so it's good to know KD is still human, like the rest of us.

As out of the blue as that question was, his next inquiry took things even deeper:


As it turns out, you can ask this about almost anything in life.

  • You say it's "just about driving traffic" but is it really "just about driving traffic"
  • You say it's "just breakfast at Taco Bell" but is it really "just breakfast at Taco Bell"
  • You say it's "just a game against your hometown team next week" but is it really "just a game against your hometown team next week"

It truly is the question that keeps on questioning. When someone responded to Durant, he took things deeper:


But then, just when it appeared like we might be blessed with a deep insight to tie these questions together, Durant left us with more to ponder.

Oh, okay. Good to know. See you next week, Kevin.