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Tell us the best Wizards/Bullets game you ever attended

What is the most memorable game you ever saw in person? Let us know, because we're compiling responses.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Many years ago, attending games in person was the best way to interact with your favorite sports teams. We didn't have 7,000 cable TV channels, vibrant regional sports networks, live streaming video online or HD screens. Instead, we bought tickets and sat in arenas. People still do that of course, but it appears to be on the decline as prices get higher and the alternatives get better.

But so many of us are sports fans because of some particularly great experiences being there. These are the moments you share with loved ones, where the energy is palpable and participation is active. As advanced as TV and live streaming may be, they cannot capture that feeling. When I reflect on the moments that made me a Washington basketball fan, I think of games I attended at the old USAir Arena with my late father, not the ones I watched on my couch by myself.

To commemorate that, SB Nation's NBA sites are asking writers and readers to tell us about the very best game they ever attended as a fan. What happened? What was the scene like? Why was it so memorable for you specifically? What did it do to change your fandom? We'll be unveiling all the responses next Tuesday.

And we want you all to participate with us. Two ways:

1. Write a FanPost.

2. If you'd prefer not to do so, send me an email at mikeprada AT sbnation DOT com with your submission.

We'll compile the links along with our staff's picks (and any spare comments) and front page our favorites. My hope is that our whole cover can be filled with great experiences.