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Wizards reportedly hiring Howard Eisley as backcourt coach

It looks like the Wizards have filled the Sam Cassell-shaped hole in their coaching staff with Clippers assistant Howard Eisley.

Finding pictures of assistant coaches is hard
Finding pictures of assistant coaches is hard
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Wizards have had QUITE the busy summer.

Signing their own free agents, signing some new free agents, figuring out what to do with all their newly-garnered national attention, letting Sam Cassell move on, and hiring some new assistants - whew! That's a ton of stuff.

And the active summer continues! According to the NBA's very own David Aldridge, the Wizards are hiring away Howard Eisley from the Clippers.

CSNWashington has corroborated the report, so if there was a doubt (which there really never is when Aldridge reports something), let the doubts be washed away.

As a backcourt coach, Eisley will likely take over the role that Cassell had on the coaching staff.

You know, I feel like it's way more fun to imagine this hire as a trade between the Clippers and Wizards. Let's try this again.

BREAKING: Wizards and Clippers complete blockbuster trade; Sam Cassell traded for Howard Eisley!

Yeah, that's way more fun. Trading coaches! We all want to see it because it's so rare! Can we just say that's the way it went down? Please?

No? OK, fine. The real way is fine, too.