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Here is John Wall's new adidas signature line

New swag! New swag!

Via adidas

It's Media Day! Time for over-enthusiastic displays of optimism, funny photo poses, and irreverent questions by the media!

It's a glorious day, really.

And just in time this year, John Wall and Adidas have teamed up for some new swag in John Wall signature line.

Simple, yet elegant.

Oh, and check out these kicks.

I hope Zillgitt is right and Wall's showing off these new shoes today. They're pretty great. Honestly, I'm all for any shoe that gives my franchise point guard the requisite ankle support he needs. These look like they do the job and make him look good, too.

Oh, and just so I'm on record about this: I love love love that new JW logo. That is fire. *fire emoji* *fire emoji* *100 emoji* *fire emoji*

What do you all think? You can express your opinion in words or emoji in the comments.